Johnsonville, South Carolina

Police Department

Image of Johnsonville Police Station

The Johnsonville Police Department provides 24-7 protection with only six officers including the Chief of Police. The low incidence of crime also affords the agency with the opportunity to provide services that most law enforcement agencies no longer provide such as daily business escorts and vehicle lock out services.  Alternative financial sources such as grants and fund-raisers allow the department to be equipped with state-of-the-art vehicles which include Mobile Data Terminals and Automated License Plate Readers at no cost to the budgeted tax revenues.

Although the City’s emergency calls are routed through Florence County Central Dispatch, the Police Department is staffed by one full time employee who serves as the department’s Clerk, Victim/Witness Advocate, Clerk of Court (Police) and as a certified Jailor for the short term holding cell.

The officers of the Johnsonville Police Department serve as ambassadors to the City as they maintain high visibility to visitors and local citizens alike and are always willing to give added value with their services delivered.

Victim's Witness Advocacy:

The Johnsonville Police Department’s main objective is to serve and protect all the citizens of the city and the surrounding area. If you are a victim of crime, please contact the Victim Advocate for the City of Johnsonville.

Kem Poston serves as the City’s victim advocate and provides crisis intervention and support service to victims of crime. If you need assistance, contact Kem at 843-386-3500, 843-319-7065 or by email at:

Image of Police Chief Ron Douglas
Ron Douglas
Chief of Police
Image of Kem Poston
Kem Poston
Police Department Clerk & Victim Advocate

Image of Wade Eaddy
Wade Eaddy

Image of Donny Howell
Donny Howell
Police Sergeant

Image of Jacob Howard 
Jacob Howard

 Image of Stephen Knight
Stephen Knight

Michael King