Johnsonville, South Carolina


statue celebration
Mayor Steve Dukes is pictured in front of the statue of General Francis Marion
with Senator Hugh Letherman, statue artist Alex Palkovich, and Representative Roger Kirby

Johnsonville was incorporated in 1913 and operates under the Council form of government. The City Council consists of a six-member elected body as well as the Mayor. All seats are on a four-year cycle and are at-large seats (the city is not divided into districts.) City Council is responsible for forming policy and governing the city.

The City Administrator is appointed by City Council.  The administratordirects the daily operations of city government, supervises city employees and provides policy advice.

The regular scheduled meeting for the City Council is the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm in the council chambers at City Hall.  A public forum is on the agenda at every meeting.   Those who sign up are given 5 minutes to express comments or concerns, however,  Council does not answer questions during public forum.  The public is invited to attend all meetings.

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