Dear Business Owners/Citizens:

 The employees of the Johnsonville Police Department and I would like to thank you for supporting our nineteenth annual equipment fundraiser which netted over $33,000 after serving over 1100 pileau plates. I must say we are a little surprised and very pleased with this year’s results considering the current economic conditions in our Country.

 You may not realize exactly what this support means to us but I can tell you that what you do for us keeps our officers safe as they do a sometimes dangerous job. Furthermore, we have unfortunately had a few citizens say some untrue and hurtful things about our officers on social media recently which I am not allowed by the rules of my employment to publicly respond to even though I would love to engage in a respectful conversation with these uniformed folks to broaden their knowledge, especially of the fact that everyone has to have a valid driver’s license and auto insurance to operate a motor vehicle. Thanks to your support, we have the tools to detect these violations and unlike many other police agencies we have a video/audio recording of all citizen contacts which has exonerated the officers in every single unwarranted attack. Without these videos, it would simply be the citizen’s word against the officer’s with no clear evidence to dispute the claims. This equipment is extremely expensive and we would not have it without your support.

 The goal for the funds collected this year were to first pay the annual warranties on this invaluable equipment ($6000.) and to start a reserve fund to replace the equipment as each item becomes inoperable so we don’t lose the good position we are in. We have four in-car cameras, four mobile data terminals and three license tag readers (at a total investment of $80,000) which have or will soon reach their end of life cycle and no longer be maintained by the various companies due to the lack of parts/components and software upgrades. We have taken very good care of what you have given us and plan to use each piece of equipment until it completely crashes and we have a plan in place to build our account from year to year so we can replace anything that breaks without having to work without these amazing tools.  As you know, the Mayor, City Council and City Administrator have been very supportive of our operation but there just aren’t funds available in the City’s budget for these items.  We only have them because of you and for that we are very grateful and want to keep providing the same level of service that we have become known for.

 In closing, we look forward to continuing to serve you in the future and please feel free to contact  me direct at 843-687-7201 if you need assistance or have suggestions for improving our organization.

Ron Douglas, Chief of Police

Johnsonville Police Department
2020 Equipment Fundraiser Supporters

 Chefs: Randy Harrelson, Louie Poston, Ronnie Hanna, Paul McKissick, Brad McKissick, Lester Perry & Tory Harrelson

 Volunteers: Joan Lentz, Emily Willis, Ruby Douglas, Beverly Blackmon, Billy Powell, Drew Gaster, Julianne Gaster, Linda Capps, Joey Cook, Terry Cook, Judy Moon, Chris Moon, Dorothy Bass, Annette Cox, Ervin Richardson, Dennis Altman, Bubba Humphries, Brandon Lynch, Wesley Beckwith, Adam Langley, Shaun Marsh, Robin Morris, Holly Palso, Melixa Stone, Mark Howard, Melinda Howard, Charity Hanna, April Collins, Candi Eaddy, Matt Eaddy, Luke Eaddy & Chelsey Nicholson

 Donated supplies: Chic Restaurant, KJ’s IGA, Piggly Wiggly, Tarrant Morris and Johnsonville Rescue Squad (facility)

Donated cakes: Ginger Poston, Beverly Blackmon, Ruby Douglas, Bell Altman, Drew & Julianne Gaster & Cindy Hanna

The following made contributions ranging from $50 to $3750 with a special check for $3049 collected by the Chic Restaurant from their customers throughout the year and a matching contribution of $3200 from Tupperware:

 Chic Restaurant (Customers’ Contributions of $3049); Tupperware; Carol Baker, DMD PA;  Robert & Sue Cantey; Anderson Brothers Bank; Joan & Donis Lentz;  Jason Lyerly; Redmond Tax Service; Phillip Marlow; Dexter Stuckey III; Johnsonville Fire Department; Jamie & Nikki Humphries; Wall Drugs; Prospect Fabrication; William & Linda Woodbury; Baker Transportation; Morris Funeral Home; Buddy & Bonnie Stone; Robert & Mary Kay Jordan;     McCall’s, Inc.; Laura Godbold; Piggly Wiggly; Howard Davis; Penny McCammon; Rick Newell; Austin & Beth Gilbert; Randall Brough; Mace Mechanical; Prosser Law Firm; Melixa Stone; Industrial Contractors; World Finance Corporation; Marion & Melba Cox; Pee Dee Hardware; Nutech Auto Body & Design; Steve & Mona Dukes; Gaster’s Grading; Carolina Heating & Cooling; Metal Fabrication; Lentz Service Station; Evans Brothers & Sons; Ruth Smith; Richardson & Company; Norris & Betty Powell; Donald Stone; Shady Rest Restaurant; Johnsonville Mechanical, Inc. ; Ronnie Johnson; Boyd Mechanical Contractors;    Cheryl Jones; Rev. Dennis Bailey; Player’s Furniture; Wynn & Valerie Eaddy; Deborah Nicholson; T & T Towing & Graphics; The Skinning Shed; Sunbelt Packaging; Chic Restaurant; Tamerx Diesel; Henry & Jackie Poston; Brandy & Stuart Stone; O&M Mini Mart; Donnell Mac; CMA Clearing; Dennis & Bell Altman; C & C Electrical; Nicholson Auction Co. ; Low Country Truck & Auto; Todd’s Pump & Well; Rick & Renee Sanders; Jakey & Iris Altman; Don’s Car Crushing; Kathleen Jones; Carolina Funeral Home; Edsel Howell (Memory of Billy Marlow); Marlow Fabrication Inc. (Memory of Billy Marlow)   Ed & Carolyn Palumbo (Memory of Lavonia Olsen)