COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Plan

The COVID vaccine distribution plan is being developed by DHEC. It is currently in a draft format and is expected to change as more detailed information is obtained. There is still considerable discussion about determining priority in vaccination order for Phase 1.

  1. There are currently two vaccines under development (Moderna and Pfizer). Both have been proven effective in test and both require two doses (approximately 14 to 21 days apart). Additional details about test results for both, as well as storage requirements, temporary effects, etc., can be obtained online.
  2. CDC has indicated that SC will receive its first allotment of vaccine before the end of 2020. Between 200K to 300K does of the Pfizer vaccine are anticipated in the state’s first allotment. The state will not know for sure exact allotment numbers until they arrive. What percentage of these Florence County will receive is unclear.
  3. The federal government will supervise shipment to 5 pre-identified locations within SC. These locations will remain secret for security reasons. From these 5 locations DHEC will supervise shipment to the 200 current licensed vaccine providers within the state.
  4. The licensed vaccine provider for Florence County employees is McLeod Regional Medical Center. McLeod will coordinate with the county when our vaccine is available. County employees wishing to get on the list for vaccination should contact Miranda Barber in Risk Management.
  5. The vaccination plan contains two phases (Phase 1 and Phase 2). These phases are determined by the availability of vaccine. Phase 1 will be conducted while supplies are limited and will be directed toward those who are at the greatest risk of contracting COVID. Phase 2 will begin when there is adequate vaccine for the general population.
  6. Phase 1A: Persons preforming direct medical care to COVID or suspected COVID patients. These include key hospital/ER staff; EMS (paid and volunteer); fire fighters who conduct medical first response calls; as well as persons who provide direct medical care in correctional facilities, long term care facilities, dialysis facilities, home health care workers and residents in long term care facilities.
  7. Phase 1B: Persons who play a critical role in sustaining essential services and cannot social distance in the work place. These include healthcare workers not included in Phase 1A; emergency responders/law enforcement not included in Phase 1A; food packing and distribution workers; teachers/school staff; child care providers and people at increased risk for COVID-19 due to age or health conditions (65 and older).
  8. Florence County EMD is working with the county’s municipalities to assist them in identifying a licensed vaccine provider.