Vox Water Project is Among Infrastructure Investments

Phase I of the Vox Water Project, which is one of several infrastructure improvement projects planned for Johnsonville, is nearing completion.  The project was started back in 2016 and is bringing several hundred customers into the Johnsonville water system in the Vox community. 

 Phase I includes a new water tank located on the Vox Highway and water lines large enough to offer area residents fire hydrant protection as well as water service.  Once the control house is completed, the new water tank will be fully functional and supply water to the community.

 Adding water lines and hydrant service on Whispering Pines Road is the emphasis of Phase II.  “This phase started in late August and is projected to be completed within 60 days,” said Johnsonville City Administrator Jim Smith.

 The City of Johnsonville is also investing in water and sewer infrastructure improvements in the Hickory Hill area off of Diamond Branch Road.  The approximately one million-dollar project will eliminate one sewer pump station and upgrade others.  The water portion of the project will re-route existing service lines and allow city crews easier access to individual residential water meters.

 Jim Smith commented, “I think it is important that our citizens and the general public see that we are using a combination of state and federal grants that become available and revenue generated by our various departments to improve our water and sewer infrastructure for the benefit of our citizens.”